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What Is The 2nd Amendment?

So the liberals, you know our friends who accuse us of being “fear mongers” every chance they get, are now afraid of Donald Trump. And why wouldn’t they be? They call themselves progressives, but as soon as someone comes along and wants to change the way Washington D.C. works they freak out. They act like he’s going to take over America and be a dictator. Now, there’s some MASSIVE irony here. These people act as if they have nothing protecting them from such an event. The irony is the one thing that does protect them from a government forcing it’s will on the people, is something they are very much against. I’m talking about the 2nd amendment. There may even be some liberals who are reading this asking, “What is the 2nd amendment?” And they actually might not know!

So to help out those asking, here it is:
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Simple. Short and sweet. Now what a lot of anti-gun folks will do is omit “the right of the people” in that sentence. They’ll say “well its a well regulated militia by the state. That individuals have nothing to do with it.” But that’s not the entire amendment. The right of the people, is, THE INDIVIDUALS!

Now that I’ve covered the questions, “what is the 2nd amendment?” What does it have to do with Trump and liberals?What Is The 2nd Amendment

Well, again. This is simple. Many on the left are freaking out. They’re afraid of Trump taking over America. They constantly tout their fear of his becoming a dictator. (If you ask me, that’s silly.) But if it were true, they’d have no one to blame but themselves. The 2nd amendment, that thing most of them are so against, is the one thing protecting them from it. The rallies and protests are not going to help in such an event.

The founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment for this exact reason. During the Revolutionary War, the British were trying to take the Patriots guns away. They realized how easy it would be to defeat an enemy who couldn’t defend itself.

This is the exact reason most conservatives are labeled “gun nuts.” We understand the value of the 2nd amendment.





Donald Trump Shirts

Along with sharing merchandise, I’ve also enjoyed sharing Donald Trump Shirts on my twitter page. I now want to make a page showing off some of my favorites. I’ve had many people send me pictures of the Trump Shirts they’ve ordered after they received them, and it’s been fun hearing from everyone. I hope you enjoy the collection.

This shirt so far has been my all time favorite. Maybe it’s my ridiculous sense of humor, but it makes me laugh EVERY time! Keep diggin’ Hillary!!

The classic “it’s funny cause it’s true!”  How great is this??

I haven’t posted this on twitter, I literally just found it as I was making this page.  But ya gotta love the “Crooked Hillary” caption.

Of course I have to add a Trump Train shirt to this list. This is going to be the shirt I wear for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

My favorite long sleeved option in Donald Trump Shirts. Will keep you nice and warm when heading to the voting booth in November.



You can’t have a list of Donald Trump Shirts without one that has the greatest campaign slogan in years. “Make America Great Again”.


I plan on updating this page on a regular basis. If you find other Donald Trump shirts on Amazon, please feel free to let me know. I want to make this a fun page that Trump supporters want to come back to.

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*DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link, but you will help support me and my efforts to bring you more Donald Trump content. Thank you!

The Trump Wall Now

Welcome to the Trump Wall Now!

Let’s face it. America is headed off a cliff. It’s been taken hostage by the political elite and we need a change. Dare I say a change we can truly believe in?

I’m building this site to help get more and more people to hope on board the infamous Trump Train.

This site is a work in progress so please hang in there with me. But I’ve come to realize that the time is now to make people aware of where we’re headed.

I look forward to building this site and growing awareness to possibly the only solution America has left, and that is, electing someone like Donald Trump. A business man, not a career, lying, politician.

Together, we can Make America Great Again!