Is Donald Trump Racist?


Lately I’ve been getting VERY annoyed by the media. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who follows me on twitter. But the constant attacks on Donald Trump has made me at least consider, is Donald Trump racist? He does want to build a wall to stop illegal immigration. He does want to stop refugees from the Middle East from coming to America. I guess you could make a case for it, if you were a left leaning media corporation. But I want to think for myself, as I wish more people would do. So let’s do some thinking together.

Is Donald Trump racist?

Well first, lets look at the illegal immigration problem. Please notice I used the words “illegal” and “problem”.  If you leave those two words out, then yes, I can clearly see a case for calling him racist.  But it is a fact that we do have a problem. I don’t think you can even argue that. And in this case then I think it’s unfair to call him a racist as his reasoning isn’t race driven. Once again, it’s “America First” and not racist.

But let’s ask again. Is Donald Trump racist?

So now let’s look at the refugees. I believe we should do as much as we can to help ANYONE who needs help. But we have to be careful who we’re helping. I am all for charity. I personally have donated to many different causes. Not for a feel good moment, or a tax write off, but because I think it’s the right thing to do if you can. But, we can’t just let anyone come to America. We need to have a process that allows us to know who is coming into the country. If ISIS didn’t exist, if we weren’t constantly being threatened by terrorists, that would be a different story. But the fact is, we don’t know who the refugees are. We don’t know how many are Isis disguised as refugees. It would be careless to just open the flood gates.

So to the question, is Donald Trump racist? I have to answer this with, NO! It’s not racist to want to protect your country and think America first!