Make America Great Again

I love the slogan. “Make America Great Again.” It’s brilliant. It’s inspirational, yet simple. It’s easy to get behind. Because we truly do need to make America great again.

It’s so important for this country to realize the stakes of this election. We have a decision between business as usual, or fixing this sinking ship and making it float again. It’s painfully obvious what Hillary wants to do. Extend the last 8 years of Obama’s devastating legacy, that is, keep the ship sinking. Divide this country even more, and when things go bad, blame republicans.

Or, we can elect a true patriot. Someone who cares for and loves this country. Someone who isn’t afraid to say things that are not politically correct in order to fix the problem. Someone who can’t be paid off by the establishment. Someone who can unite, and truly make America great again!

Consider what we’ve learned so far in this election. We’ve discovered who the real Republicans are, and who the Rinos are. We’ve learned who in the party will back the people’s chosen candidate, and who will act alone, put themselves over what’s best for the party, and not endorse (cough cough, Cruz) Donald Trump. We’ve also seen the corruption the Democrats are capable of thanks to WikiLeaks. We’ve seen how they rig their own elections, corrupt the media, and so much more. I realize Trump isn’t the one who exposed this, but to say he hasn’t played a part, and isn’t indirectly responsible would be untrue. Exposing the corruption WILL make America great again. All this has happened, and he hasn’t even been elected yet. Think about that.

It seems like a no brainer to me. We need a leader. We need someone with the courage to do what is right, and not the status quo. We need someone who will not be weak against our enemies. We need Trump.

I say this because I believe that America is, or was at one point, the greatest nation on earth. I believe we were the true leaders of the free world. A role model for other countries if you will. We lead the way for progress and advancements. We were the first humans to leave this planet, and walk on the moon! We need to get back to those times. We need Trump to Make America Great Again!