USA Heart Attack

So here is it, 2016. Another election year. Time to pick another candidate. You’re furious in the direction the country is heading. Still at war in the middle east. A shaky at best economy. Jobs are heading out the country, and usually over seas. The media lies to us, and the entire political process is filled with corruption.

Now, imagine you’re overweight, middle aged, and just got done eating a LARGE meal. You’re watching TV and all the sudden, a sharp pain strikes your chest. “Oh my god” you say to yourself, you’re having a heart attack. You start to panic, you realize you should have taken better care of yourself, eaten better and exercised more… “BUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPP!!!” Oh good it was only gas. After that scare, you go to the fridge and grab dessert.

If this is you, you’re probably voting for Hillary Clinton. You’ve seen the same politicians year after year, election after election take this country in the same direction. DOWN!

If, on the other hand, you would take the above scenario and make a change in your lifestyle, workout and eat better, you’re probably voting for Trump. A healthy change for the United States.